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Our full range of refrigeration equipment includes refrigeration compressor, condensing unit, quick freezer, cold room & engineering, forklift, dock equipment, cold store door and panel,  the excellent tooling equipments & strictly quality management ensure the reliable quality of our product.

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Air Cooled condensing units S2-FL
Air Cooled condensing units S2-FL

The air-cooled series condensing units are the general units for cold storage and freezing facilities. The units are composed of semi-hermetic refrigerating compressors made by imported Hitach equipment and technology, high efficient condenser, liquid tank, dry filter and pressure meter with the advantage of compact size, light weight, excellent performance and quality.
Cold Store Project for Shanghai Agriculture & Fruit
Cold Store Project for Shanghai Agriculture & Fruit

This porject locate in Qing Pu District of Shanghai, it's for 2500 tons vagetable and fruit. The store dimension is 25 x 70 x 9 meters. Use steel structure with 5 dock platform. Use 1.8 x 3m electrical doors. There is 1 rooms with low temperature 10 degrees below zero, 3 rooms with 0 degress, and one room with 5 degrees below zero to ten degrees. The cooling time is 24 hours. Use R404 for refrigerant